Wet Rooms

Create A Designer Space With A Wet Room

The feng shui of a room can be pivotal to the mood it evokes, and wet rooms are a great way to maximise the space and style of a bathroom, giving it the right balance and flow.

A wet room will provide any home with the ultimate designer statement, creating a showering space that is perfectly suited to meet your requirements. Our bathroom designers will conceptualise your ideal wet room, giving you a space where you can enjoy spending time but specifically designed around your own individual tastes and the weave of the room.

Let a Wet Room Give You the Space You Need

Wet rooms are the ideal way to create a sense of space, especially in a small bathroom and will provide a clean, minimalist look. They are also suited for people who are less mobile as they provide unrestricted access into and out of the showering area with ease.

In a true wet room the space is completely open without a shower tray. This gives a sense of greater space, opening up the centre of the bathroom. It also means that the entire room needs to be made totally watertight or tanked.

Our expert bathroom fitters will carry out the wet room installation to ensure that you enjoy many years of trouble free use.

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Valencia Wet Room
Amelia Wet Room
Space Wet Room

The Perfect Space to Relax

One of the alluring features of a wet room is that you can create the shower area to almost any size or shape.

Wet room glass panels will provide a minimalistic, open plan feel and they are available in a range of sizes to allow you to create a shower area to suit your tastes. They can also be used individually or you can combine different sizes to create a more bespoke showering space.

This means the shower area no longer has to be tucked away into a corner, instead becoming the focal point and growing in personality, shaping the feel of the bathroom.

Under-floor heating is another great feature of wet room, this not only ensures that the floor will dry faster but will provide a feeling of total luxury on those cold winter mornings. To provide the finishing touches to your new wet room a large 'drench' style shower head is the perfect choice.

Our expert designers will help you to select the right style of wet room, the right bathroom pottery and the right features to give you a space you want to spend time in and relax.