Walk in Baths

Creating Comfort and Independence With A Walk-in Bath

Here at Fitted Bathrooms we understand that your dream bathroom should give you space and comfort with luxury to help you relax after those long days on your feet.

This is why ease of use and freedom to comfortably get around your bathroom is at the heart of our walk-in bath designs.

Suiting Your Sense of Style and Your Needs

To make bathing a more relaxing and comfortable experience, a walk-in bath is the perfect solution. Walk-in baths feature a door that you simply open and then step inside of; so no more worrying about climbing over the edge of a bath to get in.

These easy access baths help to improve your independence in your own home by ensuring that you can safely and easily enter and exit the bath at your convenience. This style of bath has a door which is usually on the front and is easy to open and close. The door also has an integrated safety seal to ensure the bath is completely water-tight; and the door cannot be opened when the bath has water in it.

Walk in Bath
Amelia Shelon Walk In Bath
Moritz Deep Soak Bath
Moritz Bath Overhead

When choosing your walk-in bath you want to make sure you get one that not only suits your desired style but also offers comfort. It is therefore important to consider how long it takes for the bath to fill and how long it takes for the water to drain away. These factors are important as you will be sitting in the bath when it fills and drains, making comfort of utmost importance.

Finding the Right Style of Walk-in Bath

Different walk-in baths have slightly varied heights in which you step over to enter the bath when the door is open, for those who are less mobile the lower the step is the better. Some walk-in baths are also available with a shower screen so you can use them to bathe or shower in, adding to your sense of freedom.

The latest walk-in baths are designed to fit in with beautiful modern bathroom products and can provide your bathroom with a stylish feature that is easy to use and install. Walk-in baths are available in a variety of models and sizes to suit every style of bathroom, which is why our designers take the time to listen to your requirements to understand exactly what you want from your bathroom.

The result is a place that evokes the kind of ambience you want from your bathroom, with comfort and freedom of movement afforded.