Showerbath Suites

Shower Bath Suites Combine Bathing and Showering In One Space

When you imagine your perfect bathroom, you want somewhere where you can relax but somewhere that you have the flexibility to choose how you relax. Our shower bath suites give you this freedom to choose how you spend your time in the bathroom.

Our expert designers at Fitted Bathrooms understand how to make the most of the space in your bathroom so that you can either unwind in a hot bath or wash away the day's stresses under massaging shower.

A Choice of Shower Bathroom Suite Styles

Shower baths have become a very popular choice, as they provide the best solution for combining bathing and showering in a bathroom. Shower bath suites are available in a variety of styles so you can create a bathroom that fits your desires.

There are two main styles, the popular P-shaped shower bath or the more contemporary square (or L-shaped) shower bath. The P-shaped shower bath features a stylish, curvaceous design, which bows out at one end to create a spacious showering area; this style will complement any bathroom design scheme and will provide you with plenty of bathing space for a relaxing soak.

showerbath suite
Gemini Showerbath Suite
Chara Showerbath Suite
Alder Showerbath Suite

If you would prefer a more contemporary feel to your shower bath suite, the square shower bath is perfect and features the latest design ideas. Square shower baths will also help to complement the look of bathroom pottery with geometric shapes to provide a co-ordinated look. Shower baths usually feature a glass screen to protect your bathroom when you take a shower.

For extra luxury in your shower bath suite a fitted whirlpool system will provide you with the ultimate in relaxation.

Adding Extra Luxury

Since your shower bath suite is all about comfort and luxury, whilst making the most of space, we have some excellent storage space ideas to keep your bathroom looking its best and free from clutter.

In smaller bathrooms, wall-mounted bathroom furniture frees up floor space and creates the impression of a larger room. This additional free space adds to the illusion of calm.

A heated towel rail will provide you with the simple luxury of warm towels, which will feel great on cold winter mornings. Plus, under-floor heating is an extra luxury that you'll really appreciate in the winter.