Family Bathrooms

Inspiring Ideas For Your Dream Family Bathroom

The family bathroom should be a place of calm, a place where everyone can relax and unwind; a place you want to spend time in. At Bathe In Style we can help conceptualise your dream family bathroom and make it a reality.

Our expert bathroom designers will spend the time to understand your vision, helping you to create your dream family bathroom sympathetic to the shape or size of the room.

Creating a Sense of Space and Style

A bath can work as a central feature to any family bathroom, offering multiple purposes and also evoking a sense of relaxation.

A spacious double ended bath will allow you to place a child at each end without the taps getting in the way. These are also perfect for allowing you to fully relax at the end of a long day; offering a more relaxing soak.

A bath shower mixer offers the best of both worlds. Yet, if your family bathroom has enough space you may wish to maximise this with a separate shower enclosure. Walk in showers offer a fantastic showering solution, using the shape and size of the room to create a sense of fluidity.

basin monobloc
Amelia Bathroom Suite
Vela Bathroom Suite
Moritz Bathroom Suite

Sensible Storage Solutions

Our designers have a number of storage solutions so that your family bathroom remains free of clutter, adding to the sense of calm and tranquillity

Cabinets and shelving, designed using the space of the room, are stylish ways to hide your bathroom essentials. These are also good for keeping things out of the reach of children. Shelves in the shower are a sensible way to save space elsewhere in the bathroom, whilst giving your shower added personality.

If you have enough space, consider double basins, which are perfect for those busy weekday mornings and look at basins with a flat surface so you have plenty of room to place toothbrushes etc.

Our bathroom designers are all too aware that a family bathroom needs a hard-wearing floor that is easy to wipe clean, especially with young children around. Vinyl flooring is the most desirable choice as it will not only withstand everything that is thrown at it, but is available in a wide variety of colours and patterns; perfect for creating the style and mood you want.

The result is a bathroom that you want to spend time in, a place to go to relax and a place that all the family can enjoy.

Speak to our designers today to find out how we can make your dream family bathroom a reality.