Bring The Smallest Of Spaces to Life with an En-Suite Bathroom

Sometimes the smallest of spaces can offer the most potential and a luxury en-suite bathroom will not only enhance your living experience but also the value of your home.

Used as an extension of a main room, an en-suite can serve to enhance the personality of this area or serve as an opportunity to display a new style.

Properly Planning Your En-Suite

If planned and designed well, an en-suite can be fitted into the smallest of spaces. You probably need less space than you think to install a shower enclosure, basin and toilet thanks to all the fantastic space saving products that are available. Here at Bathe In Style our designers will get a clear understanding of how you would like your perfect en-suite to look and feel and then bring this to life using top quality products and innovative design features.

By carefully positioning your shower, toilet and basin – remembering to leave enough space around each – you can give your en-suite a deceptive sense of space. This positioning is also important for getting the flow of the room right; essential for that natural sense of movement. This illusion of space and flow can also benefit from the kind of products used.

Moritz Bi Fold Suite
Chara En-Suite
Space En-Suite

Fitted Bathrooms have an excellent range of space saving products. Quadrant shower enclosures are great for en-suites because they feature a curved front and fit into the corner of the room; freeing up as much floor space as possible without compromising on showering space.

Adding to a Sense of Space

Wall-hung bathroom pottery is a good solution for providing the illusion of a more spacious en-suite and will create a simplistic, streamlined feel. If you require storage space your designer will be able to recommend the best solution for furniture in your en-suite. We have a wide choice of compact, slim-line bathroom furniture available so you can create a stylish and clutter free en-suite.

A designer radiator will emit a contemporary mood as well as creating a warm and cosy space. The right style of accessories and fixtures such as taps and the shower should feature simple, unfussy designs to provide a clean, minimal look. Mirrors are also a great way to give your en-suite a greater sense of space.

Using some of these simple design features, the smallest space can be transformed into a luxurious extension of our own personal style, boasting added comfort and convenience.