Bath replacement showers

Creating a New Mood with a Bath Replacement Shower

The way a bathroom is laid out can have a big impact on the kind of mood and atmosphere it creates for both you and your guests. A bath replacement shower is a stylish way to open up your bathroom, creating a sense of freedom, whilst the contemporary designs will exude luxury.

Replacing an existing bath with a shower is becoming a popular way to update the look of your bathroom. Bath replacement showers are designed to fit into the space of where the bath once was, instead giving more focus to the space and opening up the room in the process.

Maximising the Potential of Your Room

Here at Fitted Bathrooms, bath replacement showers are available in a variety of styles including walk-in showers and sliding shower doors. Our expert designers will discuss your exact requirements with you, helping you to choose the perfect bath replacement shower for the look you desire.

They usually feature low level shower trays for really easy access, so there is no need to worry about stepping into the shower area. A low level shower tray will also create a streamlined, minimal look to your bathroom.

Bath Replacement Shower
Bath Replacement Shower
Bathe Replacement Shower Seat Overhead
Bathe Replacement Shower

A sliding shower door enclosure makes a great bath replacement shower and will provide your bathroom with a convenient but contemporary showering area. They feature plenty of space to comfortably shower in and they can be installed into a recess or a corner with the addition of a side panel.

Creating Added Comfort and Luxury

To fully open up your bathroom and promote a positive flow, walk-in showers are perfect. The clear glass panels and wall mounted features add to the illusion of space giving you both space and a sense of being able to stretch out and relax.

Walk-in showers are available with straight or curved glass and are usually installed onto a low level shower tray. For a more open feel how about opting for a single wet room glass screen so you can create the shower area to your exact requirements and provide freedom of access.

The final finishing touches to your bath replacement shower will make all the difference. An adjustable height shower allows you to shower at your desired height for added comfort and thermostatic controls will allow you to enjoy a shower at a temperature to suit your mood.